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Plenary Report
 Global Review of PM

 "Made in China 2025" plan and PM industry in China
Gan Yong, metallurgical materials expert, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, mainly engaged in metallurgy, new materials and modern steel technology research. He was elected Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering June 2010. He is currently Chairman of Chinese Society of Metals, and Director of the National New Materials Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee.

 Chinese automobile industry and PM industry in China
Li Jun, automotive engine expert, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, mainly engaged in four core technologies of design, combustion, electric control and reliable durability about gasoline engine, and diesel engine. He is currently Deputy Chief Engineer and Technology Center Director of China FAW Group. He won the first prize and the second prizes of National Science and Technology Advancement Awards.

Kazunari Shinagawa is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kyushu University. He obtained his B. Eng., M. Eng., and Dr. Eng. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Iron and Steel Engineering from Nagoya University. His research interests include metal forming and powder processing. He served on the board of directors for The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP) as well as Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy (JSPM), and is a Fellow of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). He received many prizes from academic societies including JSPM Award for Distinguished Achievements in Research.

 Additive manufacturing
Bernd Kieback is Professor of Powder Metallurgy, Sintered and Composite Materials at Technische Universit?t Dresden and Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM Dresden. His PhD degree is from Technische Universit?t Dresden and his Diploma in Physics is from Kharkov State University. He published more than 400 articles, the book “Powder Metallurgy” and more than 80 patent applications. He was awarded with the “Skaupy Award” and with the “William Johnson International Gold Medal”.

 Metal Injection Molding
Matthew Bulger has worked in the MIM Industry since 1989. He earned his BS from Carnegie-Mellon University and MS in Materials Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has worked in a variety of engineering and management roles, and has worked for MIM parts producers including Remington Arms, Flomet and NetShape Technologies. He is the former President of the Metal Powder Industry Federation (MPIF) and the Metal Injection Molding Association (MIMA), and the former MIMA Standards Committee Chairman.

 Application of PM Technology for Interconnector of SOFC
Dr. Huei-Long Lee received his PhD degree from Graduate Institute of Materials Science and Engineering department at National Taiwan University in 1993. He is now the Deputy General Manager of Research and Engineer Development Div. of Porite Taiwan Co. Ltd.. Working in Porite Taiwan for over 20 years, working experience covering new materials developments and applications, tooling design, materials and products design, process and quality standard developments. He also received distinguished awards, including:Outstanding Engineer Award from Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2010,Technical Medal from Chinese Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers in 2013.

 Chinese Rare Earth and PM industry
Li Chunlong, metal materials and rare earth materials experts, part-time professor at Northeastern University and Central South University, mainly engaged in science research and technology development of metal materials, rare earth materials, Bayun Obo mine resources comprehensive utilization and recycling economy. He is currently Chairman of China Rare Earth Society, enjoying the special government allowances of the State Council.
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